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Number of subscriptions Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
RSS Feeds for favorites, channels, folders and tags
RSS Feeds for saved web pages
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Customizable dashboard
Combined RSS feed for all articles
Access password protected feeds
Mail2Tag – Send emails to tags
Automatic OPML backups
Article translations
Integration with IFTTT
Guaranteed maximum polling interval 60 minutes
HTML Clips for favorites, channels, folders and tags Default Default Customizable Customizable
Number of rules 1 30 Unlimited
Number of filtered feeds 10 30 Unlimited
Number of Highlighters 5 15 Unlimited Unlimited
Number of boosted feeds 20 50 100
Number of Google+ feeds 1 20 50
Number of Twitter feeds 1 30 100
Number of Facebook page feeds 1 30 100
Number of VKontakte feeds 1 30 100
Audio Player Inline Inline Inline + Background Inline + Background
Address book – Gmail integrated Limited to 10 entries Limited to 10 entries Unlimited Unlimited
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Frequently asked questions
What payment methods are available?
It depends whether you will be using monthly or annual payments. Monthly payments support only credit/debit cards and PayPal. Annual payments can be done via other methods, depending on your country. For a full list of supported method, see here –
What is the difference between Monthly subscription and Annually?
The Monthly payments are using a subscription method, where your credit card or PayPal account is charged automatically every month. You can cancel the automatic renew at any time.
What is G2S (Gate2Shop)?
Gate2Shop is our partner for receiving payments. We choose them, because they are secure and flexible, so you can be safe when entering sensitive data such as credit card numbers and at the same time you can use alternative payment methods if you want.
What happens when my plan ends?
If you have Auto renew enabled, your plan will be automatically extended on the end date. If the payment is not successful, you will receive an email and your credit card/PayPal account will be retried in 72 hours. If you cancel your Plus or Professional plan, your account will be downgraded and the limitations will apply. However all created Active searches, Rules and other premium features above the limits will remain, but will be deactivated. When in the future you upgrade your account, your features will be enabled again and will continue to work as before.
What is Active search?
Active searches are very useful when you want to follow a certain search term. To use them, just do a regular search and then click the Create active search button. This will create a new item in your subscriptions tree. It will be empty at first, but will start to fill when new articles matching your search terms arrive. You will also see an unread counter next to it when this happens.
What are Rules?
Rules are kind of filters that can be applied to your feeds, just the way you organize your email inbox. You can enter multiple conditions like matching certain text in the title or author and then execute actions based on this. The actions can be many, including automatically marking the article as read, assign a tag to it or send it via email. Learn more about Rules on our blog.

Basic and Starter users can have up to 3 conditions and 3 actions per rule. Plus users can have up to 10 conditions and 10 actions per rule. Professional users can have unlimited conditions and actions as well as unlimited rules.

What are Filtered feeds?
You can filter out articles that match certain criteria from your feeds. Those articles won’t be shown to you in Inoreader, third-party apps or in HTML/RSS exports. Filtered feeds only show articles from the past 1 month. Keep in mind you can always delete the filter to see all articles or change the filtering conditions.
What are Boosted feeds?
Feeds are updated at certain intervals depending on many factors. Some feeds are updated more often than others. If you want to decrease the polling interval of selected feeds, you can use this feature. It is accessible in Preferences -> Subscriptions, look for the rocket icons. Learn more about boosting feeds on our blog. Please note that some publishers have restrictions and feed boosting is not available for all feeds.
What are Highlighters?
Highlighters can help you spot important words or phrases in articles. Just add your term, choose a distinct color and you’re ready. When you read articles you will see your terms highlighted with your chosen color. Learn more about Highlighters on our blog.
What are Automatic OPML backups?
Inoreader automatically backups your subscriptions and folders if there’s a change in them, so even if you accidentally delete something, you can always restore it from the backup. Learn more about Automatic OPML backups on our blog.
What is Unread counter cap?
This is the maximum number that you can see in your unread counts. It doesn’t limit your unread articles to this number! When you have more than the limit, you will see +, like 1000+.
What is a combined RSS feed for all articles?
This is one big RSS feed from All articles section, just like the RSS exports for Favorites, My channel, or any other feed or tag. You can configure it in Preferences -> Folders and tags. Learn more about RSS exports on our blog.
What is RSS Feeds for saved web pages?
Inoreader allows you to save any web page from the web into the so called “Saved web pages” category. You can then export those pages as an RSS feed or HTML page. You can configure it in Preferences -> Folders and tags. Learn more about RSS exports on our blog.
Are the premium features available in other apps
Yes. Our Android and iOS apps already support Active searches. They are also exported as tags in our API, so you can even use them with 3rd party apps.
What are Twitter, Google+ and VK feeds?
You can subscribe to Twitter users and searches, Google+ users and searches or users without using RSS, essentially allowing you to have another source for your news. You can then use those feeds with all our other features like Tags, Active Searches, Rules, etc. Read the announcements in our blog about TwitterGoogle+ and
What is a Guaranteed maximum polling interval?
Users on our Professional plan are guaranteed that their feeds will be updated at least once every hour. Usually most feeds update a lot faster than this, but some feeds that post very rarely can be put on a slower update interval to conserve resources and bandwidth. If you are a Professional user, those feeds will automatically be updated at 60 minutes. There are very few exceptions where publishers don’t like frequent update intervals, so we can’t apply this rule to all feeds. Examples of such sites are Reddit, Yahoo and Craigslist.

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