Flipkart Open Box Delivery Service – Everything you need to know

Have you ever wished that you could open the box at the time of the delivery of your parcel ordered from online so that you could check if you have got the right item in the right shape? Well, this has not been possible until now but times have changed.

This long-awaited service has been named ‘Open Box Delivery’ and aims at establishing more trust between the Flipkart and its buyers. Yes, Flipkart has officially launched ‘Open Box Delivery’ Service in which you will get to know what you got in your delivery package and thus your money paid is more secure. Gone are the old days of trepidation.

What is Open Box Delivery:

As the name suggests, it’s an open box delivery indeed, from now there isn’t anything hidden from you with that fancy Flipkart covered package. This is the service where the Delivery representative from the Flipkart Side will open the Delivery package in front of you at the time of delivery. Not only the Flipkart outside packing, but the brand packing is also opened and shown to you, to ensure that you got the exact same product you have ordered.

Why Open Box Delivery:
Misuse of Refund Service:

This service was initially introduced to sort out the problems with Placing a wrong order or Delivery of wrong or damaged product. But it is currently being misused by some. Like,  claiming that they got empty boxes, asking a refund for that. As Flipkart is facing a very big challenge with all this issue. It has come with a solution ‘OPEN-BOX DELIVERY’. And from now the users who avail this service will be denied to other services like Refund and Replacements.

As a matter of fact, Flipkart had to bear a loss of 1.02 crore because of just 2 students who used to order a mobile phone and get refund stating that they did not receive mobile in the box. They were arrested in Dec 2016 with 152 luxury smartphones received from them.

To save Buyer’s Time:

Though Flipkart offers Replacement and refund services, they are not that active as they sound. A replacement or Refund does take 7-8 days and to mention some cases users don’t even get proper replacement or refund. But, in this case, you could get assured the product delivered to you is good.

How to Avail Open Box Delivery?

1 . Visit here. Select a Product you wish on the landing page.

2 . Enter the Delivery Adress and Click Deliver Here. (Valid in Bhopal, Bhubaneshwar, and Chandigarh only).

3 . Select the ‘Open Box Delivery’ Option on the ORDER SUMMARY page.

4 . Select your preferred Payment mode and Complete the Transaction. (COD  is not available )

5 . That’s it. Validate your order yourself.

Notes :
  • Open Box Delivery will only be available in select pin codes in 3 cities of Bhopal, Bhubaneshwar, and Chandigarh. If your order is eligible for OBD, you will get an option to select Open Box Delivery on the checkout page. To know more click here.
  • In Open Box Delivery, our delivery executive will open the package in front of you at the time of delivery. Both outside, as well as the brand packing, is opened and shown to you. This ensures that you only receive what you ordered.
  • In case you find the product to be missing, damaged or completely different from what you ordered please ask Field Executive to take it back immediately.
  • In case of COD you’ll get your refund immediately from the FE. In case of prepaid orders, you’ll get a refund credited to your account according to the returns policy of Flipkart.
  • Return requests for Missing, Damaged or Mis-shipment will not be accepted once Open Box Delivery is successfully completed
  • In case you find the device to be defective upon turning it on, you may contact Flipkart for replacement/refund as per the returns policy.
  • Card on Delivery is not acceptable for Open Box Delivery
  • Customer should complete payment before opening the box (for COD orders)
Terms and conditions:
  • I understand that for open box delivery, I am required to take the delivery of product in person after producing a valid identity card. Production of a valid identity card is optional only if there are other modes of delivery available at my pin code other than open box delivery.
  • In case of cash on delivery mode of payment chosen by me at the time of order, I understand and agree that the payment has to be made in full before the product can be opened to complete the open box delivery.
  • I agree and understand that only the delivery boy is entitled to open product package and deliver the product to me for my inspection.
  • I agree to inspect the product in the presence of the delivery boy and confirm on the product by signing on the mobile/paper delivery sheet. I understand that inspection means checking the physical appearance & components of the product, if any, and does not include testing the functioning of the product.
  • I understand that in case the product purchased is not the same as the product delivered, the delivery will be considered as ‘failed’ and the refund of the product price paid will be refunded as per policies of the Website. This will be applicable in case payment has been made by cash on delivery, as well.
  • I agree and understand that all other policies of the Website will be suitably applicable to me and the transaction completed on the Website and I agree to abide by and adhere to the same.
  • I agree to indemnify Flipkart its shareholders, its affiliates, and their respective officers and directors, agents and employees, from any penalty, claim or demand, or actions including reasonable attorneys’ fees arising out my breach of these terms, or violation of any law, rules or regulations or the rights (including infringement of intellectual property rights) of a third party.

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